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Glass Awards On Sale Now!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 @ 01:03 PM

Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

Glass Awards On Sale Now!  Buy more and save more.  Now available in bulk pricing.

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Showing Your Appreciation

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 @ 09:06 AM

Showing Your Appreciation

Showing your appreciation, not only makes others feel honored and appreciated, it makes you feel good.  Studies have shown that people who show appreciation live happier, longer lives and corporations who show their employees appreciation have harder working, more dedicated employees. Custom Glass Etching understands the value of appreciation and has created some unique ways to show your appreciation and recognize those who have given their best.

Who Should You Honor

There are so many unsung heroes in our daily lives that deserve recognition.  Your dedicated employees, volunteers, and sponsors all deserve to have their accomplishments acknowledged.  Sometimes it is a specific contribution, other times it’s simply a commitment to always giving 100%.  We can all think of people and organizations that have gone above and beyond when duty calls, so why not take the time to recognize their contributions?

The Perfect Way To Show Your Appreciation

Our fully customizable, hand sculpted crystal figurines, awards, and trophies are the perfect way to show these individuals your appreciation.  The handcrafted beauty, high quality materials, and unique variety of pieces help you show thoughtful and personal consideration for their performance.  Our crystal sculptures are an enduring, tangible reminder that you truly appreciate all of their hard work, dedication, and achievements.

Why Custom Glass Etching?

Our experts have 20 years of helping people show their appreciation.  Our unparalleled, worldwide customer service ensures that you will get the perfect piece no matter the honor.  We offer a broad range of unique, tailor-made pieces including fully, hand sculpted crystal figurines from your personal photos.  Furthermore, all of our pieces are completely customizable and can incorporate images like logos and mascots and even hand etched, gold inscriptions.  With our experience, service, and dedication to helping other show their appreciation, you can trust Custom Glass Etching to help you recognize the amazing people and organizations that have done so much.

Showing our appreciation for others is so important, so you want to make sure you show your appreciation in the right way. Custom Glass Etching can help.  Our dedicated, skilled experts, can help you craft the perfect, personalized crystal figurine to honor these amazing people.  With our 20 years of worldwide experience and incredible customer service, we will help you give back to those who have always given their best.

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Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

Custom Glass Etching understand that our dogs are an important part of our lives.  They are loyal protectors who love us unconditionally.  They share our homes, our families, and bring joy into our lives everyday.  They are our best friends.  So in honor of man’s best friend, our expert sculptors have created a beautiful and unique way to commemorate them:  Custom crystal dog figurines.

Honor The Canine Heroes In Your Life

Service dogs, therapy dogs, and even the rescue who rescued you, all have a special place in our hearts.  These everyday heroes rarely get the recognition they deserve, yet they are such an extraordinary part of our lives.  What better way to honor our canine heroes then to recognize their enormous contributions by immortalizing them with one of our exquisite glass sculptures.

Preserve The Memory Of Your Best Friend

When we or a loved one loses a cherished dog, we are often at a loss to on how to properly honor them.  We want to do something dignified and beautiful, something that memorializes them and forever preserves our cherished memories.  A custom made crystal dog figurine from Custom Glass Etching is a stunning and lasting keepsake to celebrate the dogs who have touched our lives.  These figurines are a gorgeous, enduring reminder of our dear departed friend.

Recognize The Unsung Hero

Do you know a volunteer who tirelessly dedicates themselves to animal welfare?  A brave soul who gives a voice to the voiceless and helps our canine friends?  Many of these unsung heroes go without ever receiving the appreciation they truly deserve.  A custom glass dog sculpture is a great way to recognize their work and thank them for all they do for our furry friends.

A Memory To Last A Lifetime

Our crystal dog figurines are custom sculpted from your favorite picture of your beloved friend.  These figurines are made with precision detail by our expert etchers who will work with you to capture the unique personality of your dog.  Your dog will be further honored with a custom inscription on either a wood or glass base.  Our figurines come in 4-6” sizes and are made with lead-free, pristine glass and so their beauty will last a lifetime.

So if you or someone you know has a special dog in their life, contact Custom Glass Etching.  Our expert sculptors will work with you to craft the perfect dog figurine and help honor those canines who do so much for us.

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A Memorable Keepsake

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

A Memorable Keepsake

When something memorable happens in our lives, we don’t always have a way to honor those memories.  We want something lasting, a timeless piece, a unique keepsake that will help us always remember the good times.  That is why Custom Glass Etching created a way to take your personal photos and make a fully-customizable, one of a kind figurine.

A Simple Process

Whatever it is you want to memorialize whether a building, an animal, a personal item, or even an artistic shape, we can help you realize your perfect figurine.  All you have to do is find your favorite photograph and submit it right on our website with your contact information.  You can also email us or call us directly and from there we will take the steps to etch the perfect crystal figurine for your needs.

We’ll Work With You

Our expert artists will work with you through the whole process of creating your figurine.  From the moment you submit your personal photo to when we ship your completed figurine, one of our experts will walk you through the process, checking in to make sure you know the exact stage of our progress.  Our unparalleled customer service will guarantee you get the precise figurine you imagined.


All of our figurines are made from the finest quality, pristine lead-free glass.  Each piece is hand made by an expert sculptor using only the highest quality tools and techniques.   We offer a range of bases from elegant hardwoods to exotic marbles to beautiful colored glass.  Our figurines are available in a full range of sizes.  We offer a variety of beautiful options so you can get the perfect figurine that also matches your budget.

A Legacy You Can Trust

Custom Glass Etching has been making unique custom sculptors for 20 years.  We have an impressive client list that includes major corporations, non-profits, sports associations, and of course, thousands of individuals like you that have trusted us to protect and preserve their memories.  With Custom Glass Etching, you can be assured that any customizable piece you have commissioned will be above and beyond your expectations.

So if you are looking for a truly unique way to capture your memories, contact Custom Glass Etching.  Our dedicated experts will work with you to make sure that your photograph turns into the perfect remembrance.  No matter what figurine you’d like to make, we can help you.  So dream big and contact us today!

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Our One Of A Kind Products

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

Dog25Our One Of A Kind Products


Custom Glass Etching knows how important showing your appreciation is to you.  You want to make sure that how you show your appreciation for the people in your life matches their amazing accomplishments.  That is why we offer a wide variety of unique, customizable products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  These unique products are the perfect way to recognize employees, celebrate a victory, and show your loved ones you care.

Custom Corporate Awards

Your top salesman, your lifetime employee, and your IT team, all deserve special recognition for everything they do for your business.  That is why we offer an amazing variety of unique corporate awards.  From our corporate crystal awards in a variety of unique shapes to our functional, elegant glass desk accessories to our dignified globe and eagle awards, no matter what the recognition, we offer an incredible variety of ways to show your employees appreciation.  Each of our corporate awards lines can be customized with your company’s logo and a custom inscription detailing the honor.  Our custom corporate awards show your employees that there has been thoughtful, specific consideration given to recognizing their achievements.

Custom Sports Trophies

A team victory, a personal best, or a success at a tournament, trophies are the best way to recognize hard-earned sports achievements. Custom Glass Etching offers an impressive variety of sports trophies for your professional, college, high school, or company teams.  Available for every sport from golf to football to soccer, our custom trophies can incorporate the team or tournament logo, mascot, or figurine right into the design.  Our custom sports trophies highlight the value of teamwork, individual accomplishment, and beautifully showcase the honor of victory.

Unique Collectibles

A birthday, a special anniversary, or an important family holiday, can all be celebrated with one of our unique, customizable collectibles.  From our majestic, hand-blown ships in a bottle to our exquisite, fairy tale glass slippers to our delightful dog figurines, no matter what the celebration, we have the perfect gift for any special person in your life.  Our fully customizable lead-free, crystal sculptures create a one of a kind, lifetime keepsake.  They are a thoughtful and personalized way to show your loved ones how much you value them.

So whatever the occasion, Custom Glass Etching has the unique figurine for all your needs.  All of our pieces fully customizable to show the recipient how much you appreciate their hard work, their achievements, and your relationship.

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Give Your Employees The Recognition They Deserve

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 @ 09:04 AM

Give Your Employees The Recognition They Deserve

There are many ways to recognize the talent and achievements of your employees.  Giving them a custom etched glass award at the landmarks of career achievement is a great start.  However if you are wondering how to recognize your employees and what types of awards you should present, we have prepared a list of the most common types of corporate awards.

Achievement Specific

Did one of your employees break a sales record?  Did they go above and beyond to meet a difficult customer service challenge?  Have they innovated a new way to do their work?  These are all the types of individual achievements that you can recognize your employees for with awards.  So think about the times your employees did something that really benefitted the company and give them a special award for their efforts.

Employee Of The Month

Employee of the month awards recognize an employee that had a very good month of service.  Perhaps they worked overtime or surpassed monthly goals or even promoted a positive work environment during a challenging period.  Whatever the specifics are an employee of the month is a great way to recognize their hard work.  There are also employee of the quarter and employee of the year awards that provide the same recognition just for a longer period of time.

Team Achievements

Did an entire department go beyond a set goal?  Did a specific team of people resolve a difficult challenge?  Do you have a group of employees that just work really well together?  Sometimes the biggest achievements were done as a team, so everyone in that team deserves recognition.  A recognition of a team achievement is a great way to honor your all employees while encouraging teamwork.

Years Of Service

There are many landmark years of service including 1, 5, 10, 20, and even 50.  Every time an employee reaches a landmark year of service, they should be honored for their tenure and long-term dedication.  Honoring landmarks of service is a great way show your employees you appreciate their loyalty and dedication to the company, while also promoting employee retention.

Retirement Award

If an employee has stayed with you until their retirement, they should be honored for their tenure.  A retirement award is a great way to thank your employee for their years of service and dedication.

There are so many opportunities to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the company.  These are just a few of the types of awards you can give your employees to show your thanks for their great service.

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How Presenting Awards Helps Your Business

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 @ 09:04 AM

How Presenting Awards Helps Your Business

There are many positive effects for giving your employees achievement recognition through awards.  Whether you choose to present the awards publicly at a ceremony, in front of their department, or privately, awards help improve employer-employee relations, leading to greater company success.

Awards Improve Job Satisfaction

One of the most important measures of employee job satisfaction is feeling appreciated by their company, managers, and coworkers.  Employees want to know their work is valued and a great way to do that is to give them awards for their achievements.  Employees who receive awards feel appreciated by their employers.  When employees feel appreciated, they work harder.

Awards Improve Employee Loyalty

Employees who feel appreciated by their employers are more loyal to their company.  If people feel their employer recognizes and appreciates their work, they feel like a part of the company.  They are invested in both their own success and the larger success of the company.  Employee loyalty makes for better work and longer tenure, which saves your company time and money.

Awards Encourage Hard Work

Awards are given in recognition of employees that go above and beyond the normal call of duty.  Awards make employees feel appreciated for their hard work and thus incentivizes them to continue to work hard and constantly surpass goals.  Hardworking employees make for a stronger, more efficient company which is great for business.

Awards Are An Inexpensive Investment

The benefits of giving out awards far outweigh the costs.  Awards like custom etched glass provide are a beautiful and prestigious way to honor your employees, but are very cost-effective.  These awards produce a number of positive outcomes that ultimately improve your company’s productivity and lower your costs.  So they are a great investment in your employees and your company.

There are so many reasons to give out awards to your employees.  They improve job satisfaction, encourage hard work and increased productivity, and promote employee loyalty.  Best of all they are a small company investment with big returns.  So if you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your business, consider giving your employees awards.

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What To Write On Your Award

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 @ 09:04 AM

What To Write On Your Award

Picking the perfect etched glass award is easy at Custom Glass Etcher but knowing what words to etch can take a lot of thought.  You may not know what to write on the award so that the recipient really feels honored.  So we’ve put together this short set of guidelines to make it easy for you to say the perfect thing.

Company Name & Logo

You definitely want to put your company name and logo on the award.  That way whenever someone is admiring the award, they will truly understand the prestige of the award.

Recipient Name

You definitely want the award to be personalized so that the recipient feels personally honored by the recognition of their achievement.  Also if you include their name, it becomes a great showpiece they can proudly display.


This is always the toughest part.  You want to make sure that everyone who sees the award understands the achievement.  A clear award title will also help your employee pursue their personal career goals.  So make sure to be clear by using specific language like:

● “Salesperson of the Year”

● “Excellence in Management”

● “Leadership Award”

● “Highest Quality Assurance”

● “Innovation Award Winner”

Description Of Achievement

In order to ensure both the recipient and an admirer understands the recognition, a description of the achievement should be included.  This description should be short, precise, but also convey the importance of the recognition.  Some good achievement description examples are:

● “In recognition of your outstanding sales, service, and support”

● “For your hard work, dedication, and performance”

● “In appreciation of your exceptional customer service”

● “For your contributions toward the continued success of our company”

● “Surpassing quarterly expectations”

A Statement Of Appreciation

There are a couple of ways to include a statement of appreciation.  You can say a direct thank you from your company or from the presenters.  You can also just include the words “thank you” or “we appreciate your dedication.”  Simply including a statement of appreciation will make the recipient feel honored and appreciated.


Finally you want to include the date the award was presented, so if your employee wins the same award again at a later date, there’s a distinction between the awards.  Also it is important to include the date to help your employee to continue to achieve their career goals.

If you include all these things on your corporate awards, you will ensure that the recipient feels appreciated and honored.  If you have any questions or want more tips, our experienced staff at Custom Glass Etching can help.

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Three Tips To Spice Up Your Corporate Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 @ 09:04 AM

Three Tips To Spice Up Your Corporate Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremonies can be a dry affair.  We’ve all been to the corporate awards event with the overcooked chicken, long boring speeches, and awkward powerpoint presentations.  However award ceremonies don’t have to be dull, they can actually be a fun way to honor your employees, strengthen teams, and cultivate a fun company culture. Here are three ways to spice up your awards ceremonies so they are something everyone looks forward to:

Pick A Great Venue

A great venue is crucial to an entertaining awards ceremony.  A lot of companies host their awards ceremonies right in the office because it’s cost-effective, however picking a venue off-site makes the event more special.  Plus your employees will be more engaged instead of thinking about the work they have to do back at their desks.  Think about some local places that would be a fun place to have an awards ceremony.  Maybe the local happy hour spot, a great restaurant, or even somewhere with fun activities like a zoo or a go kart track.

Have Great Entertainment

The worst part of an awards ceremony can be a cringeworthy magician or a bad cover band.  These are very expensive and most of the time fall flat.  So instead think about entertainment that engages your employees.  Plan activities that everyone can participate in for the entertainment.  You can do anything from a roast to a karaoke contest to a department trivia challenge.  If people are engaged in the entertainment, your awards ceremony will be a hit.

Present Great Awards

Think about the achievements you want to reward, make sure that you aren’t just defaulting on employee of the month.  Give awards that matter to your employees, awards that will help them realize their career goals.  If you give your employees specific recognition, they will be more engaged in the awards process.  Also make sure you present your employees with a beautiful, high quality award, something the can display with pride.  For example a corporate award from Custom Glass Etching has the prestige and beauty your employees will love to display.  If you give out awards your employees actually want, your awards ceremony will be a great time.

So the next time you host your awards ceremony, make sure it’s a fun and entertaining event.  If you pick a great venue, have interactive entertainment, and present beautiful awards, everyone will be sure to have a great time.

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Why You Should Recognize Your Employees?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 @ 09:03 AM

Why You Should Recognize Your Employees?

In the workplace where competition is tough and it can sometimes feel like only the fittest survives, recognition of any form can do wonders to boost and uplift the morale of any employee. Though loyalty or longevity awards are a great way to congratulate employees that reach certain milestones in their career, it doesn’t serve as an acknowledgement of their hard work or achievements. That’s why you should consider giving out service awards.

The Benefits Of Service Awards

Service awards allows employees to feel like their efforts were acknowledged and that they are a valued employee of the company. It’s not just a gesture or token of appreciation though, it also plays an important role in employee retention and productivity.

When employees know the company values them as more than just workers and that they could even receive recognition for their efforts, it allows them to feel motivated to go above and beyond for their company. That means that they will work harder for you and boost the productivity of your company. Not to mention that they will be more likely to represent your brand in a respectable and honorable manner.

That aside, service awards can actually benefit your brand too. It becomes part of your company’s symbol and shows that your company cares about your employees.

A Custom Glass Service Award

Not any trophy will provide the recognition an employee needs or that can properly represent the brand. If you are planning to award your employees for their outstanding service, give them the custom made glass trophy that will never fail to impress.

Glass trophies have a unique elegance that would make anyone proud to receive and own. What’s better, you can customize this award to properly represent your brand and the outstanding service your employee has given the company.

In simple terms, a custom glass trophy offers several benefits and are a crucial investment in order to honor your company.

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